M in Tulsa

I am so so lucky to have found you!! You are a rockstar team!! I feel so supported and empowered.   I’m standing up and advocating for myself in ways I could only imagine.  I feel healthier mentally than I have in YEARS!!  You guys are a huge part of my recovery!!
You both are the best!! And just know you have changed my life!!

C in Louisiana

I have been working with Joleen for about 6 months now and I can say with the utmost confidence that I would not be home with my family working at outpatient treatment without her support, education and guidance! She has a wealth of knowledge as well as individualized practical application that she utilizes in sessions. I have struggled with an eating disorder for the majority of 20 years now and I have NEVER had a helpful outpatient clinician until now and that gives me hope and hope is a gateway to recovery. Many clinicians have written me off as a “chronic case” but not Joleen, she was up for the challenge. Her expertise, compassion, empathy and firm belief in recovery has given me hope to hang on during this crazy, bumpy and challenging journey. Finding a Dietitian that is specialized in treating eating disorders is a vital component in the long road of recovery and I can guarantee that starting here will help you begin on the path to healing!

T in Texas

Since working with Joleen I have made so much progress in reducing eating disorder behaviors. She helps me check the facts about food, challenges the eating disorder voice, and has helped me understand PCOS from a non-diet, health at every size (HAES) approach. I’m eating foods that were once such a challenge that eating said food always ended in behaviors. She helps me see food as food, everything is broken down into energy. Joleen was the first dietitian I ever worked with in treatment, and when I found out she did tele-health switching back to her was a no brainer. She has gone to battle with my doctors for me advocating for my health, and I truly believe that without her on my treatment team, I would have never been diagnosed with PCOS, doctors would’ve kept ignoring me. Joleen isn’t the food police, she is someone who will challenge your inner food police by going at your pace. She is a wealth of information, super kind and caring, and allows you to have a voice in the process.”